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 Jenny & Tim

We couldn't have had a better person marry us! Gary made our wedding absolutely perfect. 

- Tim

P.S. Thanks for traveling to Mexico for us!

Jerry & Joe

Joe’s Story: I did not know Gary before we started working on the wedding. My husband had known him for years and choosing him was instantaneous…Jerry trusted him that much. When we sat down to discuss the details, I had a laundry list of things I wanted to be included and highlighted, but I did not have the words to put it all together. But Gary did. The ceremony he put together was powerful, creative, heartfelt and sensitive to our feelings for each other, as well as what was happening in the world. I had specifically requested a prayer, to express my own spirituality as well as that of my family, and the one he wrote was breathtaking. He spoke of God’s love, our love for each other, the love of our friends and family, and called for protection and understanding as we moved through our life. As the world moves forward to a point that weddings won’t be qualified as Gay or Straight, I would trust Gary to deliver a proclamation of love that is truly tied to the couple’s heart and soul, one that you will never forget. His is an amazing talent, and Gary is an amazing human being. 


Jerry’s Story: Your Wedding Day... one of the biggest events in a person's life. And just like my wedding day, there is no room for mistakes. When it comes to choosing the right florist, the perfect venue, the right person to pull it all together... the prayer, the words, the vows, the right person to say those words with meaning and sincerity, to create a flow that makes you, and all those around you, feel the words... a person to help make the day perfect, a person who knows the importance of bringing us together and writing that special sermon that touches on all of the special moments that brought you to this day. When it came time to choose that person, I had no doubt in my mind it would be my long-time friend, Gary Crawford. Although we had planned a destination wedding he did not bat an eyelash and committed to being there, no matter what. Gary is one of the most open minded and caring people I have had the pleasure to know and has always said "life is a dance and we are all dancers". Our wedding was flawless and it couldn't have been a more perfect day and Gary was a big part of that.

Seven years later, we still have friends that talk about our wedding and the amazing ceremony. Looking back, we could not have done it without Gary, and for that he has our friendship and gratitude forever.

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Crystal & Jeryl

“Thanks to Gary our day was perfect. He took time to meet with us before to ensure our vows were recited the way we wanted and was so easy and fun to work with.

He was also great with our family and friends. Such a beautiful and perfect ceremony, exactly what we wanted!”

- Crystal

Alicia & Jessie

In September 2008, in the midst of an approaching hurricane, Gary was scheduled to perform our wedding ceremony at his bar, Gary’s Spot, on Sunday 9/14. Saturday morning around 2:30am, a Category 5 hurricane made landfall and caused so much destruction in the Houston area. I had a 4-wheel drive truck and was able to navigate through the chaos and make it Gary’s bar to check on him since he was bunkered down there as his home neighborhood was completely flooded preventing people to get in to their homes. The bar had lost all electricity and was warm and muggy. Gary asked if we wanted to reschedule the ceremony due to the situation, but my bride-to-be was persistent on moving forward with the wedding. Gary had no problem with proceeding with the wedding, he just wanted us to be happy. On Sunday morning we found a local store that got power and we were able to do some shopping and grabbed some air freshener, candles, and some dry socks (Gary’s only request). We finally arrived at Gary’s Spot and to our surprise the power had also been restored there. Without telling us, Gary called one of his regular DJ’s and a couple waitresses in and had done some cleanup and decorating to make our day more memorable. And, just to add other difficulty, Gary held a cell phone during the ceremony so some out-of-town family could listen in. It was the most relaxed and memorable wedding experience I had ever witnessed or been a part of. Even in the wake of a massive hurricane and the aftermath, Gary went out of his way to make our day special and memorable.

- Jessie